Agriskills Project

The AgriSkills project intends to develop and improve the level of key competencies and skills among young unemployed adults (aged 15-29) in rural areas and areas with a high concentration of young, unemployed adults, with the purpose of helping them find employment or develop their own businesses in agriculture-related fields. In some partner countries, inmates and those recently released from prison facilities were also targeted, due the fact that agriculture skills can be a great help in reintegration.

This project also intends to support skills that will help young adults create their own profitable businesses by providing them training materials related to business and entrepreneurship.

Each partner in the AgriSkills project conducted their own investigation of the competency profile of the target population in their respective countries. In particular, we assessed the level of knowledge the target group has about various agricultural areas such as: organic farming, apiculture, agritourism, horticulture and social farming.

After identifying the training needs of the youths from rural areas, the AgriSkills partnership developed innovative teaching materials. In addition to agricultural skills, this project developed modules to support the development of ICT, entrepreneurial and social skills, based on the results of the needs analysis for each partner country.

Specific objectives of the AgriSkills project are: