Links of interest | Agriskills Project

In the agricultural sector, many innovative projects are being carried out that serve as good practices for all those who want to delve a little deeper into this growing sector.

Topics related to new market niches such as beekeeping or earthworm cultivation, Fight against depopulation of rural areas, equality between men and women in rural environments or new professions of the future are some of the examples that you can see in detail in the following links.


Website dedicated to the analysis of how the social economy and entrepreneurship can be used as successful approaches in social work.

Project focused on the benefits of apiculture for people in its different spheres.

Ideas and creative uses for bee wax.

A scheme and training manual con Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for fruits and vegetables.

Good agricultural practices followed by good manufacturing practices during the handling, storage, processing, and distribution of cereals for human food and animal feed represent the primary line of defense against contamination of cereals with mycotoxins.

Document that gathers practices and local action groups, addressed to improve life in rural zones.

Information about Rural Development from UN.

Document that analyses the different challenges faced by young people who work in agriculture.